How will you use the web to connect with customers and clients?


When you have the answer to this question you’ve got your web strategy figured out! It’s a simple question that can and should have a simple answer. I can help you make informed choices about how and when to use different types of web marketing to meet your promotional goals. There are lots of options for marketing on the web. I will help you with the following,

  • Determine when and how to use social media to reach your customers
  • Determine when to build your own website
  • Develop a maintenance plan for your website
  • Using social media to drive visits to your website
  • Creating content that is relevant so that your website shows up in Google searches
  • Develop a mobile strategy to connect with people on the go
  • Determine how to promote your business using third party websites
  • Determine whether buying advertising on the web is right for your business