I’ve been very fortunate to work with some iconic local organizations and brands. When I look back on my work it makes me even more excited for the future. I can’t wait to work on YOUR web project!

Berry Home Centers

Berry Home Centers operates two hardware stores in Southwestern Virginia. One store is located in Abingdon an the other is located in Chilhowie. Berry's has had a website for many years. They were happy with

RT Rider Guide


Radford Transit provides a printed rider guide for passengers. Each bus has guides freely available for anyone who wants one. I maintained the RT rider guide through 3 iterations. I worked with upper level management

RT Info Stop Signage


I designed signage for use on board Radford Transit vehicles as well as signage found at bus stops. Functional graphics are an interesting challenge. I LOVE the satisfaction I feel when I know that I

RT Website


I gave the RT website a complete redesign to make it more usable for mobile devices. I reordered menu links to make things easier to find. I added a trip planner to help new riders

NRV Football

I worked with Mike Wade on his NRV Football project. Mike is tech savvy and a first rate graphic designer. I was pleased to be able to support him in this venture by acting as

Wintergreen Information Architecture

I worked with Wintergreen Resort as web designer and web marketing consultant. My favorite project was the work we did to re-organize the content of their website. Wintergreen is an established Virginia mountain resort with

Virginia Tech DSA

I worked as web designer with the Virginia Tech Division of Student Affairs. Working with the DSA was a great experience that gave me a great deal of perspective on the myriad needs that web

Hokie Sports Weekly


I served as the web technician and proof reader for Hokie Sports Weekly. Although listed in the publication as a designer, most of my work consisted of taking the layout and content from InDesign and

Hokie Sports Fan Web Pages


Working with the designated PR person for each team, and a pre-existing style guide, I built fully responsive webpages for both the Virginia Tech Baseball Team and the Virginia Tech Women’s Tennis Team. The goal

Track & Field ~ Posters & Schedule Cards


I worked with VT sports marketing to design posters and schedule cards for both men’s and women’s track teams. It’s always exciting to work with first class photography! I worked mostly with Photoshop and InDesign.

Basketball Game Programs


Using existing style guidelines, I designed covers and interior layouts for several basketball game programs for both men’s and women’s basketball during the 2012-2013 season. I was also pleased to be able to add